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Sayings of Jesus

At GracePoint we often say that we are Jesus people. By that we mean that we take the words of Jesus very seriously and believe we are to follow His example on how to live. Now that sounds right and good and if people even outside the church heard that most would be pretty cool with that. ‘Jesus was a good teacher’ or ‘Jesus was a nice guy’ or perhaps a tougher one to hear:

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Sept 14   – GracePoint Worship
Sept 15 – South Ontario HomeChurch
Sept 16 – Upland HomeChurch
Sept 17 – Chino HomeChurch
Sept 17 – GracePoint Youth
Sept 18 – South Ontario HomeChurch
Sept 20 – Saturday Prayer
Sept 21 – Baby Shower & Lunch
Oct 17-19 – Women’s Retreat

Sun. 9:00am
Prayer GatheringGracePoint Morning Worship
Mon. 6:30pm HomeChurch/S. Ontario
Tue. 6:30pm HomeChurch/N. Ontario
Wed. 6:30pm
Youth Group
Thu. 7:00pm HomeChurch/S. Ontario