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Jesus Through Jewish Eyes

One of the things I love about the Scriptures is how many amazing things can be found in every passage. If you change your perspective just a bit, something else comes to the surface. So for this Easter season I thought it would be fun to look at some of the life of Jesus through the eyes of a Middle Easterner? What does a miracle look like to them or a specific teaching or a

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March 29 – Message “Jesus – Through Jewish Eyes”
March 30 – S. Ontario HomeChurch
March 30 – Young Adult Group
March 31 – Upland HomeChurch
April 1 – GracePoint Youth
April 1 – Chino HomeChurch
April 2  – S. Ontario HomeChurch
April 5 – Easter
April 15 – Mom’s Coffee Night
May 22-24 – Baja Build

Sun. 9:00am
Prayer GatheringGracePoint Morning Worship
Mon. 6:30pm
HomeChurch/S. Ontario
Young Adults/Ontario
Tue. 6:30pm HomeChurch/N. Ontario
Wed. 6:30pm
Youth Group
Thu. 7:00pm HomeChurch/S. Ontario