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Blessings and Curses

In the classic movie White Christmas, Bing Crosby sings a song about counting his blessings instead of his sheep. It sounds cheesy and it probably is, but as you read the Bible, Bing kind of has a point. One of the key driving forces of the entire Old Testament is the Blessing of Abraham. Every Hebrew after him will claim that as their own and when Jesus comes as the fulfillment of that blessing, Christians

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Oct 26   – GracePoint Worship
Oct 27 – South Ontario HomeChurch
Oct 28 – Upland HomeChurch
Oct 29 – Chino HomeChurch
Oct 29 – GracePoint Youth
Oct 30 – South Ontario HomeChurch
Oct 30 – Focus -Young Adult Group
Oct 31 – Trunk-or-Treat

Sun. 9:00am
Prayer GatheringGracePoint Morning Worship
Mon. 6:30pm HomeChurch/S. Ontario
Tue. 6:30pm HomeChurch/N. Ontario
Wed. 6:30pm
Youth Group
Thu. 7:00pm HomeChurch/S. Ontario