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Pictures of Jesus

Perhaps more than any other figure in history, Jesus has been depicted in a variety of ways. A quick internet search reveals interpretations of Jesus as a Marxist or communist revolutionary or maybe they ease off and call him a socialist, to others a social reformer, to some weak and mild mannered, to others a goody two-shoes, still some see him as a Republican, or Democrat, nationalistic, subversive rabbi, miracle-worker, shrewd philosopher, apocalyptic prophet, cultural

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April 20  - Easter
April 21 –  Mon HomeChurch – S. Ontario
April 22 – Tues HomeChurch – N. Ontario
April 23 – Wed- GPY
April 23 – Wed – HomeChurch – Chino
April 24 – Thurs – HomeChurch – S. Ontario
May 4 – Game Day
May 10 – Prayer Gathering
May 16-17 – MCC Sale
May 24-26 – Baja Build Mexico Trip


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