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What topics in Christianity puzzle you? Are there tough questions that you struggle finding answers to? Are there things you know to be true, but struggle explaining to others, especially non-believers? How about things that have more than one interpretation and even a little fighting within the church? This series we want to wrestle with questions that people within the church have and people outside it. We want to scratch where people are itching. This

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August 24   – GracePoint Worship
August 31 – Meet the Pastors (Graziano’s)
Sept 1 – Clothing Drive deadline
Sept 13 – Women’s Apple Picking (Oakglen)
Oct 17-19 – Women’s Retreat

Sun. 9:00am
Prayer GatheringGracePoint Morning Worship
Mon. 6:30pm HomeChurch/S. Ontario summer break
Tue. 6:30pm HomeChurch/N. Ontario summer break
Wed. 6:30pm
Youth Group summer schedule
summer break
Thu. 7:00pm HomeChurch/S. Ontario summer break