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Giving Thanks

We live in a world where it seems that everyone feels entitled to all that they have or should have. The idea of being grateful is a foreign concept. Whether that is in the stuff we have or want or how people should relate to us or what we think we deserve. Gratefulness is not the first thing we think of. This is not how we are called to be and act as followers of

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Nov 16   – GracePoint Worship
Nov 17 – South Ontario HomeChurch
Nov 17 – Focus Young Adult Group
Nov 18 – Upland HomeChurch
Nov 19 – Chino HomeChurch
Nov 19 – Mom’s Coffee Night
Nov 19- GracePoint Youth
Nov 20 – South Ontario HomeChurch
Dec 3 – Women’s Christmas Party
Dec 5  - GracePoint Christmas Party
Dec 7 – Advent Sing @Gateway
Dec 21 – Christmas Program
Dec 27-30 – YouthQuest, Wash DC

Sun. 9:00am
Prayer GatheringGracePoint Morning Worship
Mon. 6:30pm
HomeChurch/S. Ontario
Young Adults/Ontario
Tue. 6:30pm HomeChurch/N. Ontario
Wed. 6:30pm
Youth Group
Thu. 7:00pm HomeChurch/S. Ontario